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Fused Glass, Window Hangings, 3 Dimensional Art, Repairs and Restorations

Do not let preconceived notions of the medium limit the creative process

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Fusing glass is the process of heating layers or fragments of glass in a kiln until all of the individual pieces become one piece.  Using this process, we can create amazing images that do not have traditional solder lines.  The potential is limitless.  Glass can also be fused into tiles up to an inch thick and strong enough to walk on. 

Slumping glass is the process of heating the glass over or into a mold.  Using this method, we can create bowls, trays, vases, or other functional forms.


Stained glass window hangings, wall hangings and boxes are great gift ideas and when designed specifically for that someone special, they are sure to find a special place in their heart and home.

Stained glass signs offer a way to say something in style.  Add a touch of class to your storefront, retail space, restaurant, bar, or home. 

Or, how about a mixed media sculpture for your mantle piece? 


In my opinion, allowing antique stained glass windows to fall into a state of decay is unacceptable.  Stained glass windows can last for generations when well made and properly maintained.  Over time, the lead came starts to weaken, the putty dries up and the entire window begins to "sag."  Eventually, the glass begins to crack here and there from the stress and the window is no longer enjoyable to look at.  At this point, the window may become a hazard-especially if it is installed overhead.


Please call us for a repair or restoration estimate-before it is too late.

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